We are Bengold Industries we produce all type of champion belts for our customers .We are in manufacturing business since the last three decades. The mission is to offer a complete production service, flexible and attentive to the particular specificity of the commitment through the offer of different collaborative solutions. 


Bengold Industries service ranges from the creation of models and samples to mass production. 

Our Sty-lab Office, where required, deals with the research of materials on the market and takes on the task of monitoring each of the processing steps and supervising the constant checks of quality control. 

Packaging and shipping of finished batches to the last destinations are other Service chances offered to the Customer.


We are Bengold Industries, a competitive manufacturing reality, where the price / quality ratio is our strong point and we also boast solid experience and avant-garde know-how in the packaging of technical garments for dynamic activities

Other strengths are the professionalism of our workers.

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